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About CentraleSupélec

For 186 years, CentraleSupélec has been training innovators who have used technological breakthroughs to change the world:

  • Gustave Eiffel (Alumnus 1855), an engineer and innovator, who was instrumental in particular in the construction of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Statue of Liberty in New York.
  • William Le Baron Jenney (Alumnus 1856), an American architect and engineer who perfected the structural steel techniques for the first skyscrapers in Chicago.
  • Louis Blériot (Alumnus 1895), a pioneering aviator who was the first pilot to cross the English Channel
  • Étienne Edmond Œhmichen (Alumnus 1908), a pioneer of the helicopter.

The alumni of CentraleSupélec also include:

  • Bernard Liautaud (Alumnus 1984), co-founder of Business Objects
  • Jean-Baptiste Rudelle (Alumnus 1991), CEO and co-founder of Criteo
  • Cédric Hutchings (Alumnus 1999), CEO and co-founder of Withings
  • Alex Dayon (Alumnus 1989), member of founding team Business Objects, President, Products at,
  • Arthur Patora (ECP 2016), Alumni Digital Tech Year, Co-founder & CTO @Yubo,
  • Jonathan Hattab (ECP 2014), Alumni Digital Tech Year, Co-founder, General Director, CTO Madbox game io,
  • Julien Murgey (2017), Alumni Digital Tech Year, Co-founder & CTO Epsor
  • Olivier Pomel (Alumnus 1999), CEO and co-founder Datadog

CentraleSupélec, formed by combining Ecole Centrale Paris and Supélec, is training engineers to assume executive-level positions as business leaders, senior executives, managers and technical experts. The quality and commitment of its 4,800 students, 370 permanent teaching staff and 1,000 visiting scholars, along with its international alumni network, are its key assets.

Its ambition is echoed in numerous initiatives – from the “Saclay” project, which is transforming CentraleSupélec from a first-rank French university to a hub of international proportions, to its integration into the outstanding research center of the Paris-Saclay University, and in its teaching expertise exported all over the world.

Our international network already includes locations in China (Centrale Beijing), India (Mahindra École Centrale) and Morocco (Centrale Casablanca).

We train them during 3 years to solve complex business and scientific issues, in a unique holistic approach.

Shanghai Ranking’s Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2020:

Paris Saclay University, of which CentraleSupélec is a founding member, is ranked 1st in mathematics and demonstrates the ability of its students to develop complex solutions, particularly in the field of data science :

Our MOOCs on Coursera:

  • Artificial vision, Nikos Paragios
  • Fonctionnal analysis, John Cagnol
  • Great philosophers and innovation, Luc de Brabandère
  • To speed IT, Antoine Gourevitch