with the next generation of
digital entrepreneurs

You are a senior executive in a large company

Your business sector is impacted by the digital revolution. The rules of competition have changed in the digital age by lowering barriers of entry. A plethora of innovative start-ups threatens incumbent businesses by disintermediating existing models and launching disruptive new concepts.

To face this new competition, you need to instill this start-up spirit within your teams and leverage external ideas and new technologies in Open Innovation mode.

Minh-Viêt Pham, Innovation Director, La Poste (FR)

Véronique Sinclair, CIO, Sacem (EN)

The Paris Digital Lab gives you the opportunity to get a fresh perspective from top Gen-Z Digital Entrepreneurs who will propose disruptive ideas and develop a prototype to test proposed solutions.

3 phases of a project at the Paris Digital Lab

Upstream of the prototyping, you get your teams to consider the question: If you were a start-up in this industry, what would you do differently to create value?

Applying our Design Thinking and Agile Development methodology, students proceed to develop a Minimum Viable product prototype.

Hack your future

One or two of your senior managers spend 20% of their time on the Paris Digital Lab project over a period of six weeks to come up with a workable prototype.

Tap into the next generation of the “French Tech”

Working with students allows you to:

  • Come up with user-focused solutions free from company-specific constraints
  • Be challenged by a fresh point of view from the perspective of the Generation Y
  • Test the relevancy of new technologies

Hack your future

You use the prototype to:

  • Federate your in-house teams across departments. Much more effective than lengthy PowerPoint presentations!
  • Test a concept and evaluate its viability
  • Fast track in Open Innovation mode to bypass internal barriers and move on a market opportunity

Hack your future

You already have an in-house digital lab ?

Working in Open Innovation mode with the Paris Digital Lab gives you an opportunity to bring a fresh perspective to your team and to network with companies in non-competing sectors at the leading edge of innovation.

Your are a startup CEO or CTO

To be the first to capture a market you identified, your key factor for success is speed-to-market.

You need fast thinkers trained in the latest technologies able to take on multi-pronged challenges.

Bill Langdon, High Tech Consultant (EN)

To diversify your skillset, you can get one of the Digital Year Program students on board for a 6-month internship outside France, or recruit them after their third year in software development specialization.

Source talented developers with the Digital Tech Year